Océ ColorWave applications sample gallery

Built to thrive in the busiest Graphic Arts and CAD working environments, the Océ ColorWave wide format print solutions fit in seamlessly with workflow, improving quality and increasing productivity.

The galleries below are a collection of some creative applications possible from the Océ ColorWave range* to help you put the innovation at the heart of your business.


There is an art to decorative printing that can give a surface, whether a wall, a floor, a textile, a piece of furniture or an object, a unique character and style. With Canon wide format printing solutions you can be confident that this character and style will not simply be rendered or reproduced, but brought to life with designs that speak for themselves.

Graphic communication

A large variety of businesses desire print to communicate the core message or a concept of their product and campaign because they know that with each individual printing they can directly impact perceptions and ultimately sales. With Canon wide format print solutions they can be sure not simply of high quality but also maximum impact, creating an effective means of communicating their message that is big, bold and powerful.


Customers’ attention is drawn to products that look good. But sometimes good could be better, even unique. Canon wide format print solutions offer versatile printing on media that is designed to protect, cover, transport, store or display an object in a way that you no longer have to settle for good, why not try exceptional instead?