Arizona 550 GT

Arizona 550 GT

Simply the best in display graphics. The Arizona® family of UV flatbed printers is the world’s number 1 selling series. Last year, they outsold all their competitors combined. The high speed Arizona® 550 GT flatbed printer has the same print quality and application versatility and is the fastest yet.


  • Produce more than 100 boards in an 8-hour shift (125 x 250 cm)
  • Pay a third less than lesser quality UV flatbed printers
  • Produce exceptional, closely-viewed indoor or outdoor graphics
  • Print high margin specialty applications on rigid or flexible media or objects
  • Consume half the ink of most printers in this class. Only 8 ml per square meter on average!

Detailed Features

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Grab attention with high quality, flatbed UV printer

No more trade-offs between image quality and speed. VariaDot® imaging technology produces ink droplets from 6 to 42 picolitres, resulting in superb image detail, smooth color transitions and vivid, uniform solid colors for closely-viewed signage and POP materials. Amazing results with a UV inkjet printer whatever the media or application.

Profit from new money makers with versatile UV flatbed printer

This large format flatbed printer lets you print on rigid panels up to 125 cm x 250 cm x 50.8 mm and flexible rolls up to 220 cm wide. You can even print on irregularly-shaped flat objects, by simply placing them on the flatbed printer table.

Most printers can only do one or two things really well, but the Arizona 550 GT does it all and more. Think: parts templates for airplanes, CD covers, chairs, fast food menus, fabric, glass, plywood – and anything you need for indoor and outdoor display graphics printing. Build your profit margins producing specialty items that no one has tried before.

Several options are available for the Arizona 550 GT printer:

Roll Media Option
The Roll Media Option offers new possibilities for all Arizona family printers. Supporting flexible media rolls from 90 to 220 cm wide, it gives you the ability to print on almost any flexible media including banner vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, paper, textiles, backlit films and more.

White Ink Option
The White Ink Option can be purchased installed from the factory or installed later in your own facility. It offers users the flexibility to print any combination of color and white ink in 2 or 3 layers, on rigid or flexible media. This offers the possibility to print backlit applications, normally reserved for photographic, laser-based printers, or print on any non-white media or object imaginable. It also supports Day/Night application printing for applications that are alternatively back or front lit, such as menu boards. And of course, white can also be printed as a spot color.

Static Suppression Option
Customers with very dry environments may experience excessive static electricity on hard plastics such as acrylic and polycarbonate rigid sheets. The Static Suppression Upgrade Kit provides the ability to print on sheets with excessive static without compromising image quality, or tightly controlling the printing environment.

The Arizona 550 GT prints with a minimum environmental impact

The Arizona 550 GT printer complies with all relevant health and safety directives including CE, UL, CSA, BG, CCC and others.
The Arizona 550 GT uses UV curable inks that do not contain volatile organic compounds and as a result the user needs minimal ventilation in the print room. This reduced need to extract or heat/cool large volumes of air from the printing environment results in a substantial cost and energy savings. The Arizona 550 GT also consumes less than 24 Amps of electricity at 220/240 VAC. The Arizona 550 GT does not require an external source of compressed air, making the operational and energy costs even lower.

Product Specification

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