Transform, digital transformation and business process management

Transform your business processes to work faster and smarter


Manual workflows hamper productivity and stifle growth – preventing you from meeting business challenges like cutting turnaround times and admin costs, and making document-intensive workflows more secure.

Improve the way you work, by digitising key areas of business process management. You can do this in a range of ways – by integrating technologies, managing services, or even by completely outsourcing your document processes to Canon.

Transform, DWF Law discover the benefits of going paperless using digital transformation solutions from Canon

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Find out how we helped DWF Law improve the flow of information between their offices, while cutting costs and improving data security.

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Customer Applications

Critical Document Governance

Critical Document Governance
Strengthen data security and avoid costly mistakes by ensuring that critical documents are sent to the right place at the right time.

Digital Mailroom

digital mailroom
Improve productivity, cut costs and deliver better customer service by processing mail faster and more efficiently with a digital mailroom.

HR Digitisation

HR digitisation
Manual HR document workflows can slow down your business. Improve productivity and cut costs, by replacing manual HR processes with automated workflows with greater control and visibility.

Invoice Processing

invoice processing
Processing invoices manually can be inefficient and open to error – costing you time and money. Our Invoice Processing solution helps you take control of your cashflow – saving you time, and giving you peace of mind.

Order Fulfilment

business woman
Improve customer service and boost productivity by processing orders faster and avoiding costly mistakes.

Procurement Optimisation

E procurement – purchase to pay
Identify strategic savings and reduce waste, by investing in our E procurement tools. With a better grasp of your buying habits, you can also avoid supply chain risks and ensure regulatory and contractual compliance.

Purchase to Pay

Purchase to Pay
Inefficient paper-based processes don’t give you the visibility to keep your cash under control. Improve spend and cashflow management by investing in a streamlined digital system with total cashflow visibility.

Technical Document Processing

Technical Document Processing
Stay ahead of the competition by speeding up the way you create and process product documentation. Our tools enable you to cut costs by re-using existing documents more efficiently, while improving customers’ satisfaction by giving them easy, multi-channel access to technical information.

3D Printing for Prototyping

3D printing design communication
Win more business by investing in innovative technology that liberates product design and reduces the time and cost of creating prototypes.

3D Printing for Manufacturing

invoice processing
Meet the needs of a fast-moving market by creating highly accurate parts and prototypes faster and more economically.

CAD/GIS In House Printing

graphic print
Accelerate your business by improving the way you print and share CAD and GIS drawings with our cutting-edge CAD/GIS Printing solutions.

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