Workflow Consultancy Services

Let our suite of complementary services fuel your project from an inspired idea to a fully-scoped concept.

Document workflow and application consultancy

  • In-depth assessment of your current environment.
  • Help to optimise data streams and better manage print resources.
  • Guidance on applying innovation to improve customer response rates.
  • Greater responsiveness to your customers’ demands.

Colour consulting

  • A bespoke analysis of your needs and environment.
  • Advice on the most efficient use of colour.
  • Guidance on adding impact and improving customer response rates.

System consultancy and integration

  • Access to skilled business and printing solution specialists.
  • Better utilisation of Canon hardware and software technologies.
  • Expert support to help you create an efficient and profitable print operation.

Software customisation service

  • Customisation of your systems to accommodate specific workflows.
  • Drive maximum business value from all your software products.
  • Establish a print solution that gives you a superior competitive advantage.

Print media consultancy

  • Advice on troubleshooting challenging print media issues.
  • Recommendations based on our in-depth knowledge of 100 types of media.
  • Guidance on improving the cost/performance ratio of your applications.