Unleash your ambition and make the whole world cinematic. When creativity counts, filmmakers choose Cinema EOS for exceptional image quality and control

What do you shoot?

Whatever your project, our range of powerful cinema cameras and lenses offers unparalleled versatility and empowers you to be more creative.

  • Cinema

    When creativity is everything, the flexibility and performance of the Cinema EOS system will help deliver your creative vision.

  • Commercial

    When your clients demand perfection, and the pressure is on, you can rely on Canon Pro Video solutions to deliver results that will impress.

  • Music Video

    Creative collaborations with the music industry require a special talent – and the versatility of Canon video.

  • Documentary

    React quickly to ever-changing events and unpredictable narratives. Tell your story, your way.

  • Indie Film

    Whether you’re at the beginning of your creative career, or you’re a seasoned filmmaker Canon’s Cinema EOS system lets you realise your creative vision.

  • Nature/Wildlife

    Nature provides some of the world’s most spectacular sights. When there’s only one chance to capture the moment, do it with Canon cameras and lenses.

  • Post Production

    Our reference monitors feature ground-breaking tools that give you the flexibility you need for a stunning end result.

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    How to use 3D LUTs on the Canon EOS C70

    The EOS C70's Look File function enables you to apply 3D LUTs to your videos for outstanding creative control. Find out how they work and how to set them up.


    What matters to future filmmakers?

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    Filming a Nollywood hit on the EOS C500 Mark II

    To create a cinematic look for his Netflix hit Citation, director and filmmaker Kunle Afolayan turned to Cinema EOS and a set of Sumire Primes.

  • Filmmaking

    Whether in a studio environment or on location, learn how these Canon customers delivered high quality video productions that integrated seamlessly across Canon products and postproduction environments.

    Canon Camera


    Cinema EOS Cameras

    Exceptional image quality, limitless creative control.

    Canon Camera


    Cinema EOS Lenses

    Canon's Cine lenses are engineered with unrivalled optical performance, superb build, and features to meet film production requirements.

    Interchangeable Lens Cameras


    Interchangeable Lens Cameras

    Discover Canon’s Interchangeable Lens Cameras and explore new creative ways to capture your subject.



    Pro Displays

    Canon 4K Professional Reference displays with Wide Colour Gamut and High Dynamic Range for Broadcast and Film Production.

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