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A Canon printer sits on a wooden desk. It has just printed iron-on transfers of three hearts and a further five more are sat on the desk in front of it. On the table there are also a folded white t-shirt with a heart illustration printed on the front left-hand side, some coloured pencils, seven small tubes of paint and a pack of Canon light fabric iron on transfer paper. ARTICLE

Speak up about mental health by being a good listener

To break the stigma around mental health we must all speak up. But if someone wants to talk about how they are feeling, what’s the best way to listen?

08 May 2022
A laptop, viewed from the side, sits open on a table by a window with office-style blinds. Upon its keyboard is a smartphone. The screen shows a login page against a black background. ARTICLE

The four password myths everyone should know

Do you change your password regularly? Or – gasp! – write them down? Are you relying on them to protect you? Find out if you’re doing the right thing.

01 May 2022
Athletes line up on the track to face the stadium crowd. They hold hands and raise them above their heads. Some are wearing their nations flags on their shoulders. Others simply bear their bib numbers. ARTICLE

Where will you find us at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games?

The countdown to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is on and there’s plenty to be done! Find out what it means to be part of this special event.

25 April 2022
A pair of hands holds a black tray of green seedlings. Beneath the tray are the blue jeaned legs of the person holding the tray against a backdrop of green leaves. ARTICLE

How I live a more sustainable life

Small changes can make a big difference. Three Canon sustainability experts share the simple, but effective ways that we can all live more sustainably.

18 April 2022
A man with a beard stands by a pin board, pointing at what is pinned on it. He wears a yellow checked shirt and blue jeans. In front of him, with their backs slightly turned to the camera, are two people – one on each side of a brown wooden table, upon which are assorted camera bodies and a coffee cup. On the left is a woman with red hair and a bright blue blouse. On the right is a man with a pale blue hoodie. In the centre of the shot, at the head of the table, is the rear of a Canon PTZ camera. ARTICLE

AMLOS: Serendipity in our line of sight

A chance encounter when working late led Kohei Maeda of Canon USA to a great idea. And it could make spontaneous meetings happen – wherever you are.

11 April 2022
Viewed from above, a man holds his hands out in front of him in prayer. In them are red prayer beads. From his arms we can see that he is wearing a checked suit jacket and a white shirt. ARTICLE

Putting service before self

Gulam Teladia BEM helps his community during their darkest hours. His tireless work was vital to the families of those who lost their lives to Covid 19.

04 April 2022
An image of three osprey in a nest. The top of the image is dominated by the blue sky and the heads and bodies of the birds as they look out to the right. The bottom and front of the image is dominated by the many twigs and branches of the nest, which stretches across the photograph. ARTICLE

Join Cumbria’s army of armchair birdwatchers

A pair of ospreys at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve in Cumbria have garnered an army of worldwide fans through their Axis Communications ‘Osprey Cam’.

31 March 2022
The head and neck of a dark-skinned woman is photographed from the side against a deep burgundy background. Her hair is short, exposing her ear and a large yellow floral-style drop earring. Her lips are painted green. ARTICLE

For progress we can’t ignore colourism

Even if you are not familiar with colourism, you are certainly affected by it. Understanding and challenging it is essential to an equitable society.

28 March 2022
A man in black swimming shorts, shown as he enters the water. He has clearly jumped or fallen in with some force, as the disturbance of white water can be seen behind him from his entry on the left. On the right, the water is clear, calm and deep blue. ARTICLE

Finding courage in the creative process - Part 1

How much of our creativity is hampered by fear? Canon Ambassador Dafna Tal shares ways to deal with our fears in the first of this three-part series

24 March 2022
Two women sat in the cinema laugh together. One points towards the screen. They are holding red and white popcorn buckets and there are other cinemagoers around them. The chairs they sit on are red. ARTICLE

‘No paying audience’: How Lesflicks brings films to fans who don’t exist.

When Naomi Bennett was told that there was no demand for lesbian film, she launched a platform to ‘disrupt a broken model’ for audiences and filmmakers.

21 March 2022

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