Record UHD and Full HD to XF-AVC*/MP4 on low-cost SD cards in camera
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Record UHD and Full HD to MP4/XF-AVC* on low-cost SD cards in camera

MP4/XF-AVC* are compact file formats that are perfectly suited to recording high-resolution UHD/50P and Full HD on readily available, inexpensive SD cards for immediate post-production applications.
* Firmware Update may be required.

Dual SD card slots

Use dual SD cards slots to either simultaneously record an immediate backup or to enable relay recording for long continuous shoots.

Canon Video camera close up with dual SD card slot!

Record Canon Log / Log3 for Post-production Flexibility

Canon Log 3 offers 13-stops of dynamic range for more demanding grades, while Canon Log captures details in the highlights and shadows with 12-stops to better integrate with footage from earlier Cinema EOS cameras.

group of people wearing fancy dresses with power paint.
Man being filmed with  Canon video camera

No need to Grade with the Wide DR Gamma Option

Wide DR setting gives 12 Stops of Dynamic Range, preserving detail in shadows and highlights without the need to grade the footage.

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