Economical Series Calculators

Canon AS-2400

This 14-digit desktop calculator combines a stylish Arc design with substantial environmental credentials - making it ideal for organisations and individuals.


  • 14-digit desktop calculator

  • Stylish Arc shape body

  • Large adjustable tilt display

  • Upper & lower case part-manufactured from recycled Canon product material

  • Dual power source: solar and mercury-free battery

  • Rounding and decimal selection

  • Auto-power off

Detailed Features

  • Stylish and professional

    The 14-digit AS-2400 is designed with both style and practicality in mind. The sleek and curved body not only looks professional, it also fits neatly on a desk or shelf.

  • Adjustable tilt display

    A large, clear and adjustable LCD display panel minimises glare and reflection. For optimum legibility the panel can be tilted to suit any lighting conditions.

  • Sustainable design

    As well as its ergonomic styling, this model offers a reduced environmental impact, an important consideration for all organisations and individuals today. Some of its plastic components are manufactured from recycled materials taken from Canon product.

  • Energy efficient

    Dual power source- solar and mercury-free battery ensures energy-efficiency and reliable use under different lighting conditions. When the AS-2400 is not in use, an ‘auto power-off’ function simply switches the calculator off to save energy.

  • Comprehensive functions

    The AS-2400 calculator offers an extensive range of functions. A slide switch provides easy decimal point selection and rounding. The Grand Total memory automatically accumulates totals. Other convenient keys include Mark-up, Reverse and all the regular functions you’d expect from a Canon calculator.