EOS 5D Mark IV

In the hands of professionals

Ulla Lohmann tackles Tasmania’s toughest climb

For years Ulla had obsessed over climbing and capturing the legendary Totem Pole stack. Here’s what happened when she gave it a shot.

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Ulla Lohmann tackles Tasmania’s toughest climb

Fergus Kennedy

“We wanted to make a video depicting fast-action sports using matched cuts, which meant we needed the best quality and grading flexibility in post-production. With Canon Log on hand, the EOS 5D Mark IV could deliver this.”

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Image of a drone making avideo

In Pursuit of the Shot

Follow a group of world-renowned Reuters photojournalists as they travel the world in pursuit of inspiring stories, armed with the new EOS 5D Mark IV.

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Christian Anderl

“This camera is all I need; it has the perfect blend of low light technology and handling to make what I do a pleasure.”

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Ulla Lohmann

“When people ask me why to upgrade the answer is simple: this is a camera that will take the punishment and still keep performing.”

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Petri Mast want to tell the story of the couple

Finish photographer Petri Mast is driving by creating the perfect wedding image that tells the story of the most important day. A day were there´s no room for failure.