Inspired by other Canon RF mount cameras, the EOS C70 is compact, lightweight and features a variety of customisable controls, allowing you to adapt to any situation.
Man shooting with EOS C70, EOS cinema camera

Compact, Lightweight and Reliable

The EOS C70 features a new design, including a multi-function grip with 3 customisable dials and multi-directional joystick. The camera is built to be a tough and lightweight workhorse, thanks to the carbon fibre polycarbonate body. The compact design also enables it to be comfortably rigged to drones, gimbals, hand-held or shoulder rigs, as well as FPV helmets and vehicles.

EOS C70, Video shooting using LCD screen
Drone shoot with EOS C70, girl in the field
Drone with Professional cinema camera, EOS C70
Man shooting with EOS C70, EOS cinema camera

Built-in ND filters

The EOS C70 features a newly developed ultra-thin ND filter unit which is optimised for the shorter flange back of the RF mount.

This electronically controlled ND filter system, supports 2/4/6 and an extended 8/10 stops, making it possible to create an image with shallow depth of field, in bright shooting conditions.

 Man holding EOS C70, EOS cinema camera, ND filter system
ND Filter, EOS C70

Rugged Cold Shoe Mount

The EOS C70 incorporates a rugged cold shoe to mount the handle unit, or as an accessory shoe to attach a variety of accessories such as an external microphone.

EOS C70 top view, cold shoe mount

Independent chamber ventilation system

The EOS C70 adopts an equivalent independent airflow system found in our higher-end Cinema EOS cameras. This independent ventilation structure is designed to separate the airflow from directly hitting the electronic components. This design also prevents foreign bodies such as water and sand from entering the electrical systems, making the EOS C70 a versatile tool for shooting on location.

EOS C70 Ventilation system
EOS C70 Ventilation system
Drone with Professional cinema camera, EOS C70


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